Most people have, at one time or another, been faced with the question of what super power they would choose if presented with the opportunity. The most common answer seems to be that of flight. I’m not entirely sure why this answer is so prevalent, since I figured out the secret of human flight over two decades ago, when I was naught but a wee lad.

I know, a bold claim, but a claim founded in nothing less than the absolute truth. It’s incredibly simple, once you think about it; it’s a wonder nobody else has figured it out.

It came to me one day as I was running. What if I simply lifted my left leg off the ground and kept running with my right leg? After that, it’s simply a matter of lifting my right leg as well, and flight is achieved.

At least, flight is theoretically achieved. I still haven’t gotten the balance quite right. One of these days, though.

One of these days.